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Property Photos

Windfeather Resort vacation rental sits on .83 acres of land, yet, it is close to amenities. You feel like you are removed from the busyness of life, but if you need anything at all, it's just a short distance away.


It's difficult to capture the essence of the energy and feel here through photos, but here are some to hopefully give you a "glimpse" of what it's like to stay here. As many of our guests have mentioned in their reviews, the photos don't do it justice. It really is a place that must be "experienced" to appreciate.

Inviting Pool

Waterfall Feature


When the sun goes down, experience a whole different mood at Windfeather Resort.

Spa and Pool Area

Enjoy the spa jets and pool area.

Look for the donkeys as well many wonderful decorations on the property.


Santiago has his towel and is ready for a dip in the pool.

Antonio and Roberto

Sit on a bench under a shaded tree and enjoy Antonio and Roberto.

Outdoor Games

Enjoy Corn hole, Bocce Ball, and Putt Putt Golf.

Nightlife at the Pool

Evening lighting


Jose will greet you at the Ramada and outdoor grill.


Keep your eyes open for fun surprises all over the property.

Quail Bridge
Enjoying a snooze

This is the front of the house.

Outdoor Fireplace

Outdoor Fireplace with solar lit logs.

Putt Putt Golf

Enjoy one course of putt putt golf.

Bocce Ball

Test your skills of aim with Bocce Ball.

Cornhole Game

Enhance your skills with a game of cornhole.

Sitting Area

Sitting area just outside the Sunrise Suite.

Water feature

Soothing water feature.

Sitting Area

Plenty of different places to sit in the pool area.

Pool and Hot Tub Area

Large pool and hot tub area with plenty of sitting available.


This little guy is holding still because he "thinks" I don't see him.

Wild Bunnies

This bunny is just chillin' in our back yard.


Mr. Owl came to say, "Hello" at the hot tub.

Cottontail Bunny

Wild bunnies on the property.


Be sure to say, "Hi" to Rustle.

Quail Couple

This cute couple visits us just about every evening.


A variety of birds.


Lizards come to visit.


Decor creates a wonderful space.

Designated Parking

Designated parking for our guests.

These critters are busy going about their business on our property.

Skeleton Saguaro

This was capture on one of our walks in our neighborhood.

Cactus Flower

The cacti bloom in the Spring. We have all kinds of color here at that time.

Cactus Flower

The cacti bloom in the Spring. We have all kinds of color here at that time.

Cacti in bloom

Prickle Pear Cactus.

Cactus Flower
Rustle the Palm Tree

Rustle is the center point of our property and stands proud!

Beautiful Sunsets

The sunsets are amazing here. Each one is different with colors and design.

Serenity Tree

Serenity Tree near Moon Dance Tiny Home.

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